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Discontinuing Counters

The following products are now officially discontinued (temporarily):

Double Missile Counters
Triple Missile Counters
Double Torpedo Counters
Triple Torpedo Counters
Plasma Counters
Mine Type A Counters
Mine Type B Counters

In addition, the following products are available as supplies last, but will be discontinued as well when they do. (there are still significant supplies of these items still in inventory so supplies will last a while longer):

Single Missile Counters
Single Torpedo Counters
Escape Pod Type A Counters
Escape Pod Type B Counters
Satellite Counters

The reason for this discontinuation is that all counters across the board are undergoing a revision to the basing scheme. They are essentially going to become multi-part miniatures. The overall effect of this change won't significantly change the look of the counters, but will greatly simplify casting and will provide customers more flexibility to mount them differently if they prefer.

Since the molds of a lot of these items are worn, there is limited supply remaining, and they don't sell in great quantities, temporarily discontinuing them is the logical choice. If all goes well, the new versions of these items will become available again within a few months.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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