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I can't believe it's been over a year since I last updated the page. Certainly there were times when I could have worked on it and didn't, and many times when it was lingering in the back of my mind but I simply had too many higher priority items to take care of.

It's also been a rather topsy-turvy year, having been laid off and transitioning to a stay-at-home-dad status - which you'd think would give me more time but it really doesn't when you have twins. Money has been tight too so a lot of Ninja Magic development plans have had to be shelved temporarily.

Don't ever take a lack of updates on this site as an indicator of a dying idea or a failing company though. It is almost always an indicator of me simply being too busy and there's only so much one guy can physically do day to day and week to week.

Work on With Hostile Intent has been progressing and I have released some new products over the last six months - more on that below. Sales have been good this year, and I had the best Gen Con ever (sadly I was unable to attend Origins mostly due to needing to be home with the kids while my wife worked.)

Single Missile, Single Torpedo, and Mine counters are all back in production. Plasma counters are also in production and there are three types now. The web page has been updated with pictures.

Also in production is the kikoku and jun-ila fighters - the Kakum-28 Starfighter and ISM-90 Drone respectively. When I get a chance, and get a few other priorities out of the way, I'm going to work out fleet sets for these two species.

Lastly, new multi-use flight stands are available. A lot of design considerations went into them and I've tried to make them the best all-purpose flight stand ever made, so check them out in the accessories section.


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