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Working On Ending The Hiatus

It's been a while. Too long in fact to post an update. These past couple of years have been pretty rocky involving two cross country moves, four different jobs, and a lot of struggle.

However, things are finally starting to stabilize and prospects are bright for me being able to come out of hiatus and get the ball rolling on getting fully back into business.

Many of the miniatures are now available again through Agents of Gaming, I've updated the link in the Where To Purchase section of the site. I can't bring all the products back yet, some of the kikoku ships need new masters and molds made and I'm not quite in the position to bring back production of the magnetic adapters just yet. Some more pieces need to fall into place before that can happen, but I hope to get them back sometime this year.

Development on With Hostile Intent has been continuing all this time, albeit slowly, and some regular playtesting is about to begin that should fast-track the game to completion. With any luck, that too could be published this year but we'll have to see.

There is now a With Hostile Intent facebook page, as well as a facebook group. I will try to start posting more often too, but I'm really not good at social media.
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