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Forums and New Products

I've just added some official forums which visitors can get to by following the Forums menu link on the left. The forums are not hosted on the same server as this site and I don't have control over the registering requirements so if it's a bit of an experiment.

The forums will become the outlet for the latest information, but I will still post important news here as needed. It also will not end the yahoo group as the yahoo group harbors many files which would not be host-able on the forums. However, I expect whatever discussions happen there will gradually migrate to the forums.

New products are on the way - the 180 degree adapters, 2-post and 3-post counter stands, as well as a new Adapter Alignment Key (for aligning adapters accurately to the flight stands as they're glued).

I will be updating the website with images of these new products as soon as I can.
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