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Current Events

The Kikoku Kikako Auxiliary ship is temporarily unavailable as a new model is needed for making a new mold. This ship should be back in production within a couple of months.

Molds are being made of some of the new counters so they should be back in inventory sometime within the next month or two as well. At present there is the following inventory of the old counters left:

Single Torpedo Counters: about 15 packs left
Double Torpedo Counters: about 2-3 packs left
Triple Torpedo Counters: 1 pack left
Escape Pod Type A Counters: about 4 packs left
Escape Pod Type B Counters: about 5 packs left
Satellite Counters: about 5 packs left

All other counters are sold out.

Jun-ila and Kikoku fighters as well as the new mines, missiles, torpedo and plasma counters are in the moldmaking stage. The Satellite and Escape Pod counters are still in progress.

Lastly, painting tutorials have been posted on the site with more to follow (eventually), and some pictures have been updated in the fleet lists. The Photos section also now has pictures in it and ones that help show the scale of the various miniatures.



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