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Progress Is Being Made

The new torpedo, missile, and mine counters are in the hands of my caster. Also three types of plasma weapon counters are also being cast, and a new type of missile counter.

Fighters for the Jun-ila and Kikoku are also in the caster's hands, so those should be making a debut by Gencon.

Warstars are in stock now, as well as the new Searcher. Rattlehead games should have those miniature available soon as soon as I can take some pictures and get him set up - as well as add those figures to my hyperdyne astronautics page.

Another Galactica-inspired design will be making its appearance soon too. More to come on that front.

I'm starting to push to get the human ships developed so that I can get them to a modeler to get the process going. I hope to have the first of those being modeled by the end of the month.


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