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Warstar Pics Uploaded

I've uploaded a picture of the new Warstar in the Hyperdyne Astronautics section. More pictures of it can be found in the Yahoo group.

The fighters are the last major hurdle in terms of locking down rules and this week I playtested them for the first time. The playtest went very well!

There are still a few concepts I still need to take into account but the overall mechanisms worked quickly and smoothly, and added a surprising amount of tactical depth to the game as a whole. This first test involved six squadrons of fighters (three on each side) - a stress test is next, seeing how the game handles something like ten squadrons per side (which will be a lot).

Lastly, problems with the prototyping machine reared another ugly head this morning. It always breaks during a weekend when I can't contact tech support. I've got to wait until Monday and see what they say. >:(


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